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Small Press Acknowledged by Organizers of the American Music Awards

Bayville, New Jersey, November 15th, 2005 –

Owners of small press publisher Open Book Press have confirmed that they have been given a very important nod from the organizers of the 33rd Annual American Music Awards.

Thanks to the reputation the young company has built for quality and originality it has been chosen, above all of its competitors in the publishing industry, to be the official graphic novel supplier of the 2005 American Music Awards.

Open Book Press was approached by Hollywood Connection, the company in charge of organizing the celebrity gifts at the AMA’s, to supply graphic novels for the celebrity gift bags handed out back stage each and every year at the show. “They told us they really wanted to do something new, fun and original this year for the gift bags and thought graphic novels would be a unique idea.” said company co-owner Mike Gagnon. He added “Hollywood Connection decided to choose us thanks to a lot of the recent press we’ve gotten for our books.”

This kind of recognition could be huge for the year old company as well as its creators, and already speaks well for its books, beating out the likes of Top Shelf, Moonstone, IDW, and even bigger companies, basically the entire graphic novel industry.

The books will be distributed in the celebrity gift bags at the American Music Awards on November 22nd. Each celebrity gift bag will have one of the following graphic novels:

Monkeys & Midgets – By Mike Gagnon & Nelson Danielson of Tiverton & St. Catherine’s, Ontario respectively.

Cry Wolf – By Doug Crill and Daniel J. Frey of Toledo, Ohio area.

Dreams in Texture – By Kevin Clorey and Tom Muzzell, both of Hanover, Ontario

Grafenveer – By Wayne Sanders & Christian N. St. Pierre from Alabama & New York areas respectively.

The company can be contacted for more info on each individual book. As well the gift bags will include a secret exclusive gift certificate for the celebrities, only printed in a small number specifically for this year’s show.

More details can be found at: Open Book Press