Alex Simmons
P.O. Box 518
Bronx, NY 10463


Bronx, New York, June 13th, 2011

Noted comic book writer/publisher/art exhibit curator Alex Simmons is bringing his popular adventurer hero Blackjack back in all new stories.

Blackjack, aka, Arron Day, is an African-American soldier of fortune in the 1930s. From the late 1920s to the late 1940s he was the most formidable freelance adventurer of them all. His missions took him from Harlem to the French Riviera, from the back allies of Cairo to the beautiful, but deadly jungles of Brazil. No assignment was too difficult. Guarding diplomats; hunting down ruthless killers; even battling a mercenary army alone. An independent black man in a racist age, BLACKJACK carved his own path facing the ghosts of his past and the bigotry of his times.

The first of two critically acclaimed series, Second Bite of the Cobra debuted in 1996 and followed our hero as he fought guns, knives, and poison to bring down a ruthless enemy. Its success lead to the 2000 release of Blood and Honor, a graphic novel that took Blackjack to the far reaches of Asia to protect a man of peace from a secret organization determined to bring on a world war. Both series were published by Dark Angel Productions.

Now, after several years, and continued interest from the film and video arena Simmons is launching a 3-tier plan to bring his hero back to the public. The first is the launching of a web site where frantic fans and curious consumers can find all things Blackjack. will launch Monday, June 13, 2011!

As it continues to grow the web site will have more artwork, interviews, great stories, and inside information on current Blackjack activities.

Tier two is a full-blown fundraiser on starting June 20th. This is a campaign to help published an 80 page anthology containing artwork by industry super talents Eric Battle, Steve Ellis, and Shawn Atkinson.

Tier three will be the debut of a brand NEW series of Blackjack action adventure tales, with amazing art by John Jennings, and Christian N. St. Pierre, starting in late summer.

So there you have it! Light the flares, notify high command, and send out your runners!